Hyper Text Markup Language

This section is done in conjuction with your activity book and the assignments below are to done only after you have finished all the work from the white book. As you finish the activities from the book the following activities need to be printed:  Act2, Act4, and Act6.

HTML Handout

HTML First Day Notes



Activity 1  Act 1

HTML Assignment #1

Your file should look like one line of information. Watch that your title is between the Title tags and the text you type in is between the Body tags.

Activity 2  Act 2

HTML Assignment #2

Watch out for closing tags "/". If you miss one it will make your whole page look wrong. When you get finished with this section print.



Notes on Making Links in HTML

Activity 3  Act 3

HTML Assignment #3

This is a very tricky section if you're not careful about what you type. Your links should look exactly like:

<A HREF "">Disney</A>

And it will look like this:


Remember that if you type <UL> then you'll need </UL> as well.

Activity 4  Act 4

HTML Assisgnment #4

This section tells you to write a paragraph about yourself.

The following two links for Killeen and Texas need to be placed in your paragraph somewhere:

Now somewhere in the rest of this paragraph place three more links, these must be different than the 10 that you already have on your page. It does not matter to me what they are, they could be about a hobby you really enjoy, sports, teams, tv shows, or anything. But remember all of this must be in paragraph form.

So what do I want to know?

What I want to know is who you are. What do you like to do, what interest do you have that your friends may not know about, what do you want to do after high school, colleges you may be looking at, job opportunities, but most importantly tell me something about yourself.

One Other Piece of Information

The school website is at:



Activity 5 Act 5

HTML Assignment #5

This assignment will had color to your current webpage. Adding color is simply done by adding tags inside your opening <Body> tag. To see how colors make a difference try the following test:

Web Eye Color Test

Below are links to to different charts showing color codes.

Remember bright colors work better on dark backgrounds, don't pick colors that are alike.




Graphic A  

Graphic Assignment A

Within this assignment you will be creating a title graphic for your webpage.



Graphic B  

Graphic Assignment B

This assignment you will be making a JPEG file from your your picture.



Acrobat 1  

Acrobat Assignment

Using the Photoshop Major Test to make an Adobe Acrobat file.




Dreamweaver Screen Shot


  Act 6

HTML Assignment 6

Using the graphics just created you will design a webpage using Adobe Dreamweaver.




Getting Graphics

Before doing the last Assignment you will need graphics from the Internet.



  Act 7

HTML Assignment 7

Using Act6 you will design a webpage using multiple graphics.


So you want some graphics, Go Ahead -


You'll be glad you did!

newrotat.gif (26402 bytes)Getting Your Own Websitenewrotat.gif (26402 bytes)

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