May 26

May 26

Today and tomorrow you have to work on your final exam. By the end of class tomorrow you should be finished, grading begins Thursday.

Here’s what you are to have:

  • Tabs are to exactly as the buttons on the left. Black with colored text.
  • When selected they should be White with Black text.
  • All nine tabs are to be 1st – 7th class periods, Lunch, Extra.
  • All tabs are to have the information from your previous Classes site pages.
  • The accordion is to be the same look as your buttons to the left. Black with colored text.
  • When open they are to be White with Black text.
  • The 5 accordion items are to be the events, places, activities (besides sleeping) you will doing this summer.
  • Each accordion is to have a photo included. If going some place a map may be used instead of a photo.

May 22

May 22nd

Today you’ll have to work on your Tabs and Accordion pages.

By Wednesday I will begin grading your work.

May 21

May 21

Today you have to work on your School or Summer pages.

May 20

May 20th

Today you will be setting up your template, pages, links, and pages for your Final Exam.

Final Exam will begin tomorrow.

May 19


Today you will be setting up for your final exam.

May 18


Today finishing anything Twitter today.

Tomorrow set up for Final Exam.

UPDATE 1PM: Earlier today @POTUS was just given an account by Twitter.

May 15


Today you will be attending the Adopt A Unit’s ceremony.

May 14


First if you did not finish the search and follows from yesterday you are to complete that before starting today’s items.

Today you will be creating lists and following lists < not your classmates lists >.

You are to follow 4 lists:

  • 1 related to the career you want to do in life
  • 1 from a news agency
  • 1 that deals with a hobby or activity you like
  • 1 from your favorite sport

Next you are to create lists:

  • Create a list using the news, weather, and sports you twitter accounts you followed yesterday. Once the list is made, then add DO NOT FOLLOW to the list another news, weather, and sport.
  • Create a list of the 10 famous or verified accounts you are following. After creating the list add 5 that you DO NOT FOLLOW to the list.
  • Lastly create a list for your favorite hobby, adding the ones you followed from yesterday. Then add 5 more that you DO NOT FOLLOW to the list.

May 13


Today you will begin the follow process. Below is a listing of folks or categories and how many you will need to follow:

  • @SmallwoodTech
  • Your school if they have one (does not have to be the main twitter feed ex. @EllisonEagles)
  • The city where you live
  • Favorite restaurant
  • Favorite amusement park (Six Flags, Disneyworld, etc)
  • Favorite TV show
  • Favorite movie (does not have to be a real twitter account)
  • Favorite store
  • Favorite cartoon/character
  • 2 fake Twitter accounts or you can find your own.
  • One local news outlet
  • One local weather outlet
  • One local sports outlet
  • 2 national news agencies.
  • 2 national weather twitter accounts
  • 2 national or worldwide sports twitter accounts
  • 10 twitter accounts for your favorite hobby
  • 10 famous or verified accounts
  • One sports team
  • 4 related to your favorite sports team
  • Future college/university/tech school you would like to attend
  • 5 related to the career you would like to pursue in life.

The list above may change by tomorrow so be prepared to add additional accounts.

Tomorrow making and following list.

May 12


Today more Twitter this time following. We’ll also continue going through the Twitter settings (something no one does after setting up).

We’ll go over differences of DM, RT, etc.

Shortcuts. You’ll need them..


And then there are the things we learn while teaching…

Tomorrow following of accounts.

May 11


Today make settings within your Twitter account.

  • Pic
  • Alerts
  • Colors
  • etc.

May 11

Weather Links


May 08

May 8

Today you will have to complete the Tabs and Accordion color design.

Think Tabs, Accordion, and Final Exam. That’s the general idea for later this month.

Have a Great Weekend!!

May 07

May 7th

Today you have to complete the Tabs and Accordion items on the pages.

When you’ve got them added then go through and add the colors and design to match the buttons on the left side of the screen.

May 06

May 6th

Today you will have to finish and complete the tabs and accordion sections. To change colors of backgrounds, etc you may have to delete the graphics. If you find how to make them all the same size please share.

Also today I’ll have those of you without a Twitter account sign up.

May 05

May 5

Today you will be working on new items from Dreamweaver CC in doing Tabs & Accordion.

Also today making a Twitter account if you do not have one.

May 04

May 4th

Today we’ll continue Chapter 10. We’ll also begin the delving into of learning from the web.

May 01

May 1st

Today we’ll be setting up possibly the last chapter of the book. Unless one becomes your final exam.

We’ll go over chapter 10.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Apr 29

April 29

Today you will be finishing Chapter 9.

Apr 28

April 28th

Today the American Advertising Federation board will be presenting in the lecture hall.

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