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Aug 25

First Day of School

Aug 06

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Jun 02

Waiting on Mama


That time of year again around my house. Some fawns you find sitting waiting patiently for mom, while others you find dead in your backyard. The way it goes in June.

Jan 12

I. Am. NOT. Doing. This.

Uh huh. No way Jose. Not on your life or mine…..

Dec 20

December 20

December 20th 2nd and 4th Period Exams CCAM eats here Period Time 2 9:55-11:25 Study & Exam Lunch 11:25-12:15 4 12:20-1:55 Study & Exam

Dec 19

December 19

December 19th 6th and 7th Period Exams CCPM eats here Period Time 1-4 N/A 6 10:20-12:35 Study & Exam Lunch 12:35-1:35 7 1:40-3:45 Study & Exam

Oct 24

Tour Guides & Spokesperson

If you’re name is listed below. See me. Cluster/Class Teacher Class Period Tour Guide Spokesperson Web Tech Smallwood Period 1 Sierra Rodriguez Matthew Mazur Commercial Photography Smallwood Period 3 Holland Tunquist Shaylee Patrick Commercial Photography Smallwood Period 4 Samantha Kriner Alexis Maschek Web Tech Smallwood Period 5 Jaclyn Hays Daley Toland Commercial Photography Smallwood Period …

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May 31

Award Recipients


The students who received Adobe Dreamweaver certification and honor cord.

May 14

Video Game Academy

If you’re interested in perusing a degree in Video Game design then read this latest announcement from the University of Texas at Austin. Big News!!

May 09

First of the Year


Each year I post images of the first fawn we find near our home, this year’s new one was right across the street. Now that we’ve lived here a while we can figure out tree stumps from baby deer. What starts out as a spec on the other side of the road…….. as you get …

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Apr 03

Student suspended…..

This is what got Kyron Birdine suspended from school this week. That and using Twitter to post it. Read about here and here.

Apr 02

Testing Information

Testing from the other schools will begin on April 15th. Why is this important? Beginning that week throughout each afternoon students may be in my classroom, while I’m giving tours to other students. Below are the dates and schools: April 15th – KHS April 16th – HHHS April 17th – EHS April 18th – SHS …

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Mar 28

Oddity of the Web

Found from Pinterest last night. “Ignore the product…you MUST go to the website (Amazon) and read the customer reviews… I’m seriously crying from laughing so hard.”

Feb 03

SuperBowl Day Viral Stuff


The things that went viral during Sunday Superbowl day. First was the window washers for a children’s hospital. During the blackout of the game a Twitter account was created and had 17,000 followers within 10 min. @SuperbowlLights The biggest winner from the blackout? Oreo. With this online ad.            

Jan 15

Twitter Hacked

This comes from Sports Illustrated daily Hot Clicks: The first tweet came around 7 p.m. ET last night. “I did something horrible today nation I cheated on my girlfriend I ruined her life and I will pay the price for this I loved her but was bad.” That was quickly followed by, “She caught me …

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Nov 27

Cellphone Must Read

If you’ve ever owned a cell phone or know someone who has this article may be of interest.

Nov 17

National Un-Friend Day

Oct 30

Food? Water? No….

Smartphone power. New York City photo from yesterday where millions are without power.

Oct 11

PSAT Next Wednesday

On October 17, all sophomores and juniors will be taking the PSAT.  The campuses have also scheduled EOC prep for freshmen and seminars for seniors.  As a result, all students are to report to their home campus on the morning of October 17.  This means also students who attend our campus all day.  They need …

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Sep 27

MySpace Comeback?!?!?!?!?

Hope your sitting down for this one. MySpace wants you and everyone else back.

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