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Jul 22

Tech Camp – Last Day!!


Today you’ll see how to create animations in Photoshop. I hope each of you has enjoyed your time while attending the KISD Education Foundation Tech Camp 2014. I hope to see each of you in the future at the Career Center. Tech Camp Survey

Jul 21

Tech Camp – Day 9


Today it’s all about taking motion and action images . . . .

Jul 17

Tech Camp – Day 8

Today we’ll be printing your designs from Monday to the Roland printer. Also today you’ll be putting together a name design using letters created from snack food. Before we can start though everyone has to have their alphabet files completed.

Jul 16

Tech Camp – Day 7

Today you will be learning the process of Photomerging within Adobe Photoshop.

Jul 15

Tech Camp – Day 6


Today we’ll be doing several Photoshop techniques. Here’s a list: Healing Patching Rubber Stamping Image Enhancement Warping Actions       And if time permits some of these as well: Reflection Clipping Vignette Emboss Graffiti  

Jul 14

Tech Camp – Day 5

Today you’ll be creating 3-in-1 images of each other and others within Tech Camp. Three pics, copy, paste, transform, and print. You’ll also be mixing them up. Want to see more click here or here

Jul 10

Tech Camp – Day 4

Today we’ll begin text editing. It will take a little while to learn all of the setting options, but after that you’ll be designing wonderfully.

Jul 09

Tech Camp – Day 3

Today finishing your Cartoon in Real Life designs. Remember to use the directions from yesterday. 1. Open Adobe Photoshop 2. Choose File > New. 3. Insert the following: Width – 10 Inches Height – 8 inches Resolution – 150 Background – Transparent 4. Choose File > Save as. 5. Save the file to your Photoshop …

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Jul 08

TechCamp – Day 2

Yesterday we learned how to use the selection tools and how layers work. Today we’ll do some Image manipulation and enhancement. After the break you’ll create a cartoon in real life using layers, masks, shadows, etc.

Jul 07

Welcome to TechCamp


Glad to have each of you here. This will be website we use to get links information and instructions on how to create and design using Adobe Photoshop. Today we’ll learn some Adobe Photoshop. Here’s the link to all things TechCamp!