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Nov 06

World Internet Usage

Oct 23

How much traffic?

Oct 16

How to write better emails.

Sep 04

Cost of $15 wage

Aug 25


Aug 24

Mac vs. PC

A great breakdown from

Aug 04

Facebook Minute

May 07

How to Engage

Apr 13

Serif vs. Sans-Serif

Apr 06

Kicking the Habit

Mar 03


Dec 13

Internet Minute

Dec 03

December 3rd


Today you will begin setting up your Twitter account (for those that don’t have one), others will go through their Twitter settings (something no one does after setting up). We’ll go over differences of DM, RT, etc. And how to tweet from multiple accounts at one time. Shortcuts. You’ll need them.. And then there are …

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Nov 22

Rubik’s Anyone

Back in the day, your’s truly could solve the cube in about 15 seconds.

Nov 03

Lines of Code

Very reveling.

Sep 18


Sep 02

How Web Hosting Began

May 28

Xbox One vs. PS4

May 07

ABC’s of Apps


Apr 29


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