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Sep 03

September 3rd

Today we will make sure your Adobe Bridge is set up and that you can actually save to your folder. That’s kind of a big deal. Also today Jack Dorsey’s interview from a year ago.   Tomorrow difference between a text file and webpage. And maybe some notes.

Aug 26

Social Media Revolution

Aug 26

Ice Bucket Challenge

The ice bucket challenge and how it went viral.

Aug 06

Hashtags @’signs & More.


May 05

World’s Toughest Job

Feb 05

February 5th

Today by the end of class you need to be to Page 121. Since I’m not here I will go over the remaining chapter with you today, making notes of several tricky spots. There are several. One thing from the Twitter world…… Sochi. This begin to break yesterday afternoon.

Jan 12

I. Am. NOT. Doing. This.

Uh huh. No way Jose. Not on your life or mine…..

Nov 12

NUD — Coming this Sunday

Sep 23

September 23rd

Today we will begin the process of learning Adobe Dreamweaver. Nothing difficult but you will need a pencil.

Sep 02

What’s Next?

Aug 27

Social Media 2013

Apr 18

10,000 iPhone Domino

Mar 25

Protected: Online Identity Theft

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Feb 27


There are no words to describe what you’re about to see.

Feb 19

Thumb Drive Uses

Feb 15

Summer Technology Movie

Feb 14

Tribble Should Like

Feb 01

Super . . . Ad

Jan 25


Dec 11

As Seen on TV

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