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Nov 17

National Un-Friend Day

Nov 02

How the Internet Works III

Oct 25

Beginning Twitter

Oct 25

How the Internet Works

Oct 05

Woeful IE

Oct 05

Cellphone Halloween Costume

Oct 05

Poor Driving

Sep 28

September 28th – Videos & Site Setup

Today we’ll set up your site area. Also today a few videos dealing with web designing.

Sep 27

Some Videos

NFC Business Cards from MOO from MOO.COM on Vimeo.

Sep 25

September 25th – Dreamweaver

Today you will begin Adobe Dreamweaver, however if you go home and tell your parents or grandparents what software you began learning today they might think of this: Today going over all of the tools, panels, and layout. Get a pen or pencil you’ll need it.

Sep 23

iPhone 5

Sep 19

Google Maps Indoors

Sep 14

Jimmy Kimmel iPhone 5

Aug 28

Social Media 2012

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