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May 24

May 24th – GDI 6 & 7

Today we will go through the folders in your area. Move items to your storage areas. Then with time remaining finishing final and printing. (Notice these posts getting shorter. So am I. Must be the end of school.)

May 23

May 23rd – GDI 6 & 7

Today you will receive information on cloud storage. Then with time remaining you will have the chance to finish your final design. Printing will begin tomorrow.

May 22

May 22nd – GDI 6 & 7

Today is your last day to work on your resume design. Remember your name, address, and contact info is the most important. It shouldn’t be the same size as all the rest of your text. Tomorrow printing and cloud storage.

May 21

May 21st – GDI 6 & 7

Today you will (hopefully if the filters aren’t blocking everything) go through and receive information on online storage. You will complete your resume by the end of class Wednesday and print on Thursday.

May 18

May 18th – GDI 6 & 7

Today continue your design of your resume. Use the resume info you typed out on Wednesday to cut and paste from. Make it unique.

May 17

May 17th – GDI 6 & 7

Today you are to begin the design of your resume. It’ll be 8 1/2 x11 portrait.  

May 16

May 16th – GDI 6 & 7

Today you will be completing a resume information sheet. Do the following: Click Here to open the resume form. Once complete save to YOUR folder. After saving print to the HP4350 Get other design ideas here: Sample Google Google designs Pinterest Resume designs Didn’t finish your Famous Person?  Last chance to turn in is Friday.

May 15

May 15th – GDI 6 & 7

Today is your last day to turn in Famous Person assignment. Tomorrow filling in your resume. Also today a discussion about the remaining days left in this class.

May 14

May 14th – GDI 6 & 7

Today you will be printing and saving your famous person assignments. They’re due hopefully tomorrow.

May 11

May 11th – GDI 6 & 7

Today you have to complete and print the Commencement cover. Next week finishing Famous Persons.

May 10

May 10th – GDI 6 & 7

Today you will be redesigning the graduation commencement cover. It’s been 10 years or more and it’s time for a change. Click on the link to see the current version — Famous Person assignment we’ll pick back with on Monday.    

May 09

May 9th – GDI 6 & 7

Today you will begin the process of printing your famous person images.

May 08

May 8th – GDI 6 & 7

Today continue designing your famous person assignment. Printing layouts can also be done as well.

May 07

May 7th – GDI 6 & 7

Today we’ll go over printing SETUP. You will NOT print your work until Wednesday. Hopefully by the time you leave today you will have completed 2 of your designs.

May 04

May 4th – GDI 6 & 7

Today before leaving class you are to have one completed famous person image. Based on the number of folks taking photos this assignment will most likely be due late next week. What to do afterwards. Trust me I have the next big thing. Have a Great Weekend!

May 03

May 3rd – GDI 6 & 7

Today cameras will be available for use in creating your Famous Person assignment. If the faces don’t match, there’s actual cut lines on your face, or tones don’t match up then you’ve got some work to do. By the end of class tomorrow one image should be complete.

May 02

May 2nd – GDI 6 & 7

Today continue designing and creating your three famous person images. Remember to use the Adjustment layers of: Levels Hue and Saturation Color Balance Brightness/Contrast

May 01

May 1st – GDI 6 & 7

Today continue your Famous Person project. I will be handing back Wordle assignments today. If you don’t get yours it’s because I NEVER received it.

Apr 30

April 30th – GDI 6 & 7

Today we’ll begin going over the images you should have saved from Friday. Also you’ll get all instructions for the Famous Person assignment.

Apr 27

April 27th – GDI 6 & 7

Today you will be the quest of finding images to use for your Famous Person project. Below are the beginning steps and information. First thing you’ll need is an image of a famous person. The following is the list of criteria for the image: Must be 400 x 400 pixels Must be a JPG or …

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