Feb 04

February 4th

Today you are to begin making pages once the entire index page is FULLY complete.

The definition of Complete is:

  • Banner included
  • Page not wider then banner
  • No erroneous rollover items with colors when previewed
  • Button labels changed.
  • Label colors changed
  • Background of buttons are changed
  • Make sure the rollover is changed
  • Minimum five buttons. One can be home.
  • Background graphic is included in footer.
  • Text on bottom is changed
  • Main area should only a photo and descriptive text of your profession

IF all of these are a go then it’s on to to the steps below:

  1. Open index file in Dreamweaver.
  2. Re-save the file as for each button you have on the left side of your screen. File names are to be lowercase no spaces. Each time you save the file change the “Title” window to Your Name – Name of the Page.
  3. Once all files are saved return to your index file.
  4. Highlight each word individually in the left column and change the link to the new page you just created for it.
  5. Link Home page to index file.
  6. Once all links are made on the index file save and check in web browser.
  7. If they work and ALL pages titles appear with your name then return to Dreamweaver.
  8. Open each page in Dreamweaver and set the links in the left sidebar area.


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