Jan 06

January 6th, 2014

First of all Welcome Back!! I hope each of you had a good break from school. Just like you I loved the time off from school, however I’m glad to be back . . . . daytime TV stinks.

Today you will be starting the first website build for the second semester. And you’ll be doing so using Adobe Photoshop. One other thing to share. You’ll be doing it pretty much on your own….. I won’t be here Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

Below are today’s instructions.


Part I – Getting Images

Search Google Images for a minimum of 7 images that represent your Holiday/Christmas vacation from school. The images could be from what you received, where you went, what you did, etc. Anything that visually shares what happened for you while away from school for two weeks.

Make sure all Google searches are for LARGE images.

You should make a new folder in your main folder area called Holiday.

Inside of the Holiday folder make another one called PicsFromWeb.

Save all of your images to the PicsFromWeb folder

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