May 14


First if you did not finish the search and follows from yesterday you are to complete that before starting today’s items.

Today you will be creating lists and following lists < not your classmates lists >.

You are to follow 4 lists:

  • 1 related to the career you want to do in life
  • 1 from a news agency
  • 1 that deals with a hobby or activity you like
  • 1 from your favorite sport

Next you are to create lists:

  • Create a list using the news, weather, and sports you twitter accounts you followed yesterday. Once the list is made, then add DO NOT FOLLOW to the list another news, weather, and sport.
  • Create a list of the 10 famous or verified accounts you are following. After creating the list add 5 that you DO NOT FOLLOW to the list.
  • Lastly create a list for your favorite hobby, adding the ones you followed from yesterday. Then add 5 more that you DO NOT FOLLOW to the list.

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