May 26

May 26

Today and tomorrow you have to work on your final exam. By the end of class tomorrow you should be finished, grading begins Thursday.

Here’s what you are to have:

  • Tabs are to exactly as the buttons on the left. Black with colored text.
  • When selected they should be White with Black text.
  • All nine tabs are to be 1st – 7th class periods, Lunch, Extra.
  • All tabs are to have the information from your previous Classes site pages.
  • The accordion is to be the same look as your buttons to the left. Black with colored text.
  • When open they are to be White with Black text.
  • The 5 accordion items are to be the events, places, activities (besides sleeping) you will doing this summer.
  • Each accordion is to have a photo included. If going some place a map may be used instead of a photo.

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