Graphic Assignment B

1. Open Adobe Bridge

2. Now find the image that was taken of you by your teacher using the white and black backdrops from the front of the classroom. (Student Photos > Class Period Folder)

Some of you may have more than one image to choose from. Pick the one you like the best.

3. Once opened in Adobe Photoshop select Image > Image Size.

4. Make sure the DPI (Resolution) is set to 72.

5. Next look at the Pixel Deminsion area and change the larger of the two numbers (Width or Height) to 350 pixels.

Your image should be much smaller.
To see it full size remember you can always press Ctrl + 0

6. Choose File > Save for Web

7. Don’t make any changes and Press Save.

8. Change the “Save in” to your folder

10. Name the file MyPic

That’s it you are finished. Now DO NOT save the file that is open in Photoshop!!