Graphic Assignment A


1.    Open Adobe Photoshop

2.    Press the letter D

Note:  This just set your colors to the Default Foreground \ Background Colors

3.    Press the letter X

Note:  This just switched your Default Foreground \ Background Colors

5.    Choose File > New

6.    Make sure the following are changed

  • Width 450 – 600 Pixels
  • Height 50 – 90 Pixels
  • Transparent is selected.

7.    Double click your Zoom Tool and adjust your window so that you can see all of your work area at 100%

8.    Using your text tool create a title for your website.

Make your text as large as you can in the size window you created.
Use any font, color, or style that you want.  Text must be either ALL CAPS or Small Caps
Styles –There are two palettes full of options just for text.
Remember you might want to change the Effects area.
Lastly don’t place a drop shadow on your text. Anything else should be okay.

9.    Save as Mainpagetitle.

10.    Next choose Save for Web

11.    Make sure the file type is GIF and the Transparency box is checked.

12.    Choose OK

13.    Save the file as Mainpagetitle