Act 6

Creating a Better Looking Webpage

When you finish it should look like this click here.

1. First thing to do is get graphics from the Graphics Page. Once there follow the instructions and when finished return to this page.

2. Open Dreamweaver then do the following:

Choose File > Open

Choose Act5

Select File > Save As

Save as Act6

Make sure you are in Design Mode

3. Choose Modify > Page Properties (Ctrl+J)

4. For the Background Image choose Browse and select the from the Graphics folder the BDROP4 graphic. Select OK.

5. Now select the Code button.

6. Find your <BODY> tag and delete all of the info about Bgcolor=, Text=, Link=, and Vlink=.

7. When select Design mode again.



Adding Graphics

9. Next delete the top line of your page saying: “Hi! My name is ……”

10. Now at the top of your page in the Common Palette select the Insert Graphic button. Choose your MainPageTitle graphic file from your Graphics folder. Then Align Center on the page using the Properties palette.

11. Now hightlight the list of TEN WEB PAGES and deselect Unordered List button from the Properties Palette.

12. On your webpage go to the words “About Me”. Click your curser in front of the “A” and press your enter key. 

13.  Now make sure your curser is flashing in the new space you just made. Using the Common Palette insert the graphic image Texas from your Graphics folder, center it on the page.

14.  Now with the Texas graphic highlighted link it to the State of Texas ( website

15. In front of each item now on your list insert the image Tball.

You DO NOT want a Blue box to appear around the Tball graphic.
If it does then you need to do the following:

1. Highlight the Tball graphic

2. Go the the Code / Design view

3. You will see the highlight line in the Code automatically.

4. In the Code View use the mouse to drag the highlighted IMG line to in front of the Anchor tag (link tag), like is shown below.

5. Repeat that for each Tball graphic


When finished moving all tags return to the Design Mode


16. Now hightlight the list of Top Ten Web Pages & the Tball images,


17. Select Text Indent from the Properties palette.


18. After your last line of your paragraph on the page press the Enter key

19. Now insert the MyPic graphic and center align on the page.

20. Now go below each of the following items below and place the Hline graphic from your Graphics folder. Aligned Center each one of these lines.

  • Title graphic
  • The things you like
  • The Texas graphic

21. If you want to see what it should look like just click here.

22. File > Save