Getting Graphics

Getting Graphics from the Internet


Part I — Getting Top Ten Graphics

1.    Open your Act 6 in your web browser.  (Click Start > Documents > Act6)

2.    Click on the first link in your Top Ten Website section.

3.    Find a graphic on the webpage that best represents that webpage site. If the graphic is to big or to long go to a different site that has a link to your Top Ten page and get the graphic from some other site. Example, ESPN is better on the ABC Sports page than it is on the actual ESPN site.


If your site is for McDonald’s then look for a small or medium size graphic that shows the golden arches, or logo.  If your link is a person, then locate a picture of that person.  You may not find the graphic you need from the website you have it linked too.


Watch as the pictures load (start to show up on your page) on your screen.  If the graphic or picture loads in sections then you do not want to try saving that image.  Because you will only get part of it.

4.    Save the graphic to your Graphics folder.


Directions for saving pictures to your folder
1. Find a graphic that you want to keep.

2.Right mouse click on top of the graphic itself.

3.Select Save Picture As…

4.In the save in window make sure it says your Graphics folder

5.Then Select Save

5.    Once you have saved all your graphics open Photoshop. Check each one and see if you need to crop this image or whether you captured the entire graphic.


Part II — Getting Additional Graphics

A New Backround

Go to Google or Yahoo and search for “Webpage Backgrounds“. You need to find at least 5 backgrounds. There is a page within this site with lots of choices already you might like them as well.


Whenever saving graphics that are strictly backgrounds to your Graphics folder save them with the letters BKG at the beginning of the filename. That way you’ll know immediately which are your background files and which ones are not!

To get FREE backgrounds go to type in search for “webpage backgrounds” then find ones that you like.

Three Graphics

You need to save three graphics from the internet. Once again go to Google or Yahoo to search for webpage graphics or internet graphics or internet icons, etc.. Only two of these graphics may be animated/moving. There is a page already made that may help you in finding graphics on the internet.

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