Finding Graphics and Using Dreamweaver
Before you begin click here for quick review about what makes a good looking website.

Making Act7 using Dreamweaver

1. Open your Act6 file in a Adobe Dreamweaver

2.  Save your file as Act7

3. On your page the following changes need to be changed:


  • Change the background to the new one that you saved in your folder from the internet using Page Properties.

NO Animated Backgrounds!

NO backgrounds that are photographs!

NO backgrounds that are logos or desktop wallpapers!

If the text and link colors don’t look right with the new background you can change them.


  • Delete the three lines telling where you live, where you go to school, etc.

Adding Graphics

  • Add your three extra graphics anywhere you want them on your page.  Only two of them may be animated.

Top Ten Graphics / Logos

  • Under the heading for Ten Web Pages Worth Visiting place the 10 graphics for the sites listed below in a line next to one another. (You might have several lines when finished depending on how big your graphics are.) Then center these graphics on your page.
  • Now link each one of the graphics to their site.
  • Now delete the 10 text links and tball graphics

Your Picture

4.  Here’s a list of things that you might want to do also:

  • You can delete the hline graphics if you wish.
  • You can also add Horizontal Rule lines instead of using the hline graphics.  To do this select Insert > Horizontal Rule.

To see a sample of what the page might look like click here.

Click here to see what it should NOT look like.

5. Most importantly be creative but don’t have your text the same color as your background that makes it hard to read.

6. Save & Test your Page