Favorites Title Graphic

Before you begin this section make sure you know what the
colors are of your Main page (index) title graphic.


1.    Open Adobe Photoshop


2.    Select File > New and make the following changes:

Note:    Long and thin is always better looking than big and bulky on the web.

  • Preset Sizes – Custom
  • Width – 800 Pixels
  • Height – Between 75 – 120 Pixels
  • Resolution 72
  • Make sure the Mode window is set to RGB
  • Choose Transparent Background
  • Click OK


3.    You are going to make a title graphic for this page. Some things you will need to know: 

  • You want the colors to match your Main Page Title graphic.
  • Also you could import another graphic and change it’s texture using the filter tools
  • Work with the Layer Options area (double click the layer to get the Layer Options window)
  • Try the Styles palette for some pre-designed ideas.


4.    On the graphic in some form type the words “Favorite Links” in any font, size, or color you desire.


If you would like a background to your text do the following:

  • Add a layer to your Layer Panel.
  • Drag the new layer below your text layer.
  • Press the letter “D” on the keyboard
  • Then press Ctrl+Backspace (this will make your layer white)
  • At this time double click the white layer in the Layers Panel.
  • Using the options change the background to what you would like.

Note:    Just make sure the lettering stands out from the background.

At this point your graphic is probably flat looking like this one:

The edges are just square and looks like it’s just laying flat.

What you need to do is add either a Glowing Edge or a Bevel like the one below.
Add a Bevel to the background

  • Double click the Layer 0 in the background palette.
  • Now choose Bevel and Emboss. Adjust to your liking.


5.    Choose File > Save as to your Photoshop folder FavoriteTitle –Should be saved as a PSD file–

6.    Choose File > Save for web

7.    On the next window make sure the following are chosen:

  • Unnamed
  • GIF
  • Transparency is unchecked

8.    Then press Save

9.    Save the file to your Graphics folder as FavoriteTitle