Favorites – Setting up the Page

1.    Open your Favorites page in Dreamweaver

2.    The Title window should have the following information:

Your Name Favorites Page

3.    Make sure the words “Top Ten Websites Worth Visiting” are deleted if they are still on your page

4.    Now at the top of the page insert your FavoriteTitle graphic.

5.    Center the graphic on the page.

6.    Press the Enter key to go down one space.

7.    Choose Insert > Table

8.    Make the following changes

  • Rows – 5
  • Columns – 3
  • Cell Spacing – 5
  • Cell Padding – 15
  • Border – 0
  • Table Width – 800 Pixels

9.    Before placing your graphics in the table resize each graphics to the following specifications:

  • HEIGHT no greater than 115
  • WIDTH no greater than 220

10.    Drag each graphics into it’s own cell.

Note on Graphics

You should have 10 graphics that link to your ten websites.
If you do not then you need to get the other graphics that you are missing.


11.    Once you have dragged each of your ten graphics into the cells you will notice that there are five empty cells. 

12.    Previously in class you were instructed to get 5 additional graphics for websites. Place these extra five graphics in the empty cells. Make sure to resize the news as you did the previous ten.

13.    Link the new graphics to their websites.

14.    Click on each of your graphics now and check that the border in the properties palette is set to zero.

15.   Highlight all the Rows (highlight each row) and change the following items in the Row portion of the Properties palette:

  • Horizontal Alignment from Default to Center
  • H (Height) to 125

16.   Lastly highlight all the Columns (highlight each Column) and change the following items in the Column portion of the Properties palette:

  • W (Width) to 33%

Note #2
If your table is now off the page (you are having to scroll left and right on your screen not just up and down) then you need to change the following things.  

  1. Check each individual image and make sure the Width for each one is not greater than 225.  If it is then you need to change it. 
  2. Go to the show code view.  Delete above and below the TABLE tags the following tags:
  • <PRE></PRE>

14.    Save Page