Main Page Completion

1.    Open your Index file using Dreamweaver

2.    At the top of the page if you made a new title graphic insert it in place of your current.  If you didn’t make a new one go to the next step.

3.    Choose Insert > Table.

4.    Make the following changes:

  • Rows   Your Choice
  • Columns   Your Choice
  • Border    0
  • Table Width:   50 – 80 Percent

5.    Place the MainPageTitle graphic in the first row

6.   In the second row move/drag both buttons and design the layout how you want it to look. Place them in the order that you want.

7.    Lastly in the the third row place any photo that you want.   Doesn’t matter what it is just resize the width to 400. You can also add text or any other graphics you like, just make sure the person who visits realizes they are at your homepage.

8.    If during step 7 you placed anything that made your table go wider than the percentage you set in Step 4 then return to the Table Properties palette and fix the table width.

9.    Delete the linked words you placed on your page that take you to the About Me and Favorites pages.

10.    Center the picture in it’s cell/row and then center the buttons in their cell/row.  (Using your Properties palette)

NOTE – If you want to rearrange any of your information, by all means you can do so.



  1. Make sure you do not have a scroll bar on the right side of your page.
  2. If your table is really, really, tall after resizing a photo.  Click inside the cell and in the Cell Properties palette delete out the cell’s height number.

Now this is where you need to make a choice on colors and alignment.

11.    Do you want the table on the left or center of the page – change the Align option in the Table properties palette.

12.    Next go to the Page Properties.

13.    First in the Margin area change the Top to zero.

14.    Save