All About Me Animation

You will making an animation like the one above showing 5 of your favorite things in life.

1. Open Adobe Photoshop and choose File > New. Input the following:

  • Width -  400 Pixels
  • Heights -  400 Pixels
  • Resolution -  72
  • Background -  White

2. Choose File > Save as

3. Save as All About Me Animation to your Photoshop folder.

4. Pick a color for your background that matches or goes with your About Me page background. To change the color double click the Background layer and when the window opens select OK. Next double click on the Layer 0 then choose Color Overlay. Pick your color.

5. The following is a list of items needed for your animation:

  • Your Name
  • High School logo
  • Class of 20__
  • What you want to do after high school (College, military, technical school, etc.)
  • Image of what type of job/career you want for the future
  • 5 images that represent who you are. Use Google Image Search for 5 images relating to the things of your life.

Once you find ALL the images copy and paste them into the Favorites Animation file inside Photoshop.

NOTE - When you copy and paste make sure to paste them all on top of one another. Make sure they in the CENTER of the canvas area. Lastly there should only be ONE frame in the Animation Panel.

6. Once all images are pasted use the text tool to type out text for your animation. (Note the example above. MY and Favorite are two separate layers.)

7. Now using your own design skills go through and create your animation. The requirements are listed below:

  • Must be a color for the background may not be white.
  • Minimum 60 frames.
  • More than 5 images about yourself can be used.
  • Text MUST be part of the design.
  • Animation may not be slower than .1 second.
  • Frames of each individual favorite may extend to .5 seconds.
  • Animation is to be saved in your Photoshop folder.
  • Save for web graphic must be saved to your Graphics folder.

8. When finished save you PSD animation and Save for Web to your Graphics folder.

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