About Me Page

The About Me Page Information

 Section I – Title Graphic

1.    Open Adobe Photoshop

2.    Select File > New

3.    Choose your Width and Height

  • Width – Between 800 Pixels
  • Height – Between 75 – 120 Pixels

Note:  Long and thin is always better looking than big and bulky on the web.

4.   Double click your Zoom Tool and adjust your window so that you can see all of your work area at 100%

5.   Now create a background.

6.   Using your text tool type text that refers to your About Me page (you make up the title): Use any font, color, or Layer Style –

Example: It’s All About Me

7.   Choose File > Save as AboutmeTitle –Save to your Photoshop folder as a PSD file! –

8.   Now create either another background layer or text layer for About Me OR BOTH!

9.   When finished designing new layers Choose File > Save

10.  Now animate the layers like one of the examples on this page.

11.   When fiinished choose File > Save.

12.   And choose Save For Web AboutmeTitle –Save to your Graphics folder! –



Section II – Setting Up the Page

1.    Open your Aboutme page in Dreamweaver

2.    At the top of the page insert your AboutmeTitle GIF file.

3.    Center the graphic on the page.

4.    Press the Enter key to go down one space.

5.    If you changed colors of your Aboutme title then select a different background for the page so that it matches your title graphic.

6.    Below your paragraph insert and center your All About Me animation graphic.

On this page you can create or place anything you want.
If you would like additional pages to link off this one, go for it.

Everything else is up to you!    

7.    Below all of your page creation place your “Home” button and link it to your Index page.

8.    When you are finished Save