WordPress Organization Site

You will be taking your previously created Dreamweaver organization site and making one using WordPress.com site. When finished your site should resemble a site like this one. Or this one. Or even this one. Or maybe just one more.

Below are the parameters and instructions for your site.

Setting Up

Set up a new blog with the name of your Organization site.

Pick a theme for your site.



Make new PAGES for all your existing pages.

DO NOT make a page for Location.

Make a new page and give the title of News or Announcements.

Make a new page and leave the title area blank.

When all pages are created go back and change the Template to Full-Width if the theme will allow.

Lastly go to the All Pages view. Click under each page Quick Edit. Uncheck the Allow Comments box. Press the Update.


Posts Categories

Within the Dashboard find the Posts area and then the Categories.

Change the Category of UnCategorized to the name of the group. NO SPACES



Go to Post, then Add New.

Create two new posts about upcoming events.




Under the Appearance > Widgets area remove all Widgets except for the Meta.

Add the widgets Calendar and Contact Info.

Within the Contact Info widget make the following changes:

  • Name to “Location”
  • Add your address and phone number.
  • Delete everything in the hours area.



Make a new menu. Give it any name you want.

To make links to other pages that are not part of your site. On the left side choose the “Links” tab arrow pointing down. Enter the URL and the Button title you want. Then press Save.

Arrange the menu order how you want it to appear.

Add all your pages EXCEPT the blank title one. Save the menu

Once saved choose Manage Location and choose your menu.



You are to add your title graphic from your previous website AND uncheck header text.


Theme Options

Select any changes you want for your site.



If your theme allows change the background to match the one from your Dreamweaver organization site.





Fix the Site Title and Tag Line.

Save the changes



Change the static page to your blank page.

Change the blog page to your News or Announcements page.

Save the changes