Cartoon in Real Life

Take any cartoon character, from any source, and mix them into a real-world setting, integrate them into our world.

Make sure you use large images. There should be no pixilated images.

Here are the directions:

1. Go to the Tech Camp folder using Adobe Bridge.

2. Choose which Cartoon layout you need to use. The one going up and down or sideways.

3. Double click and open the one you need open into Adobe Photoshop.

4. Choose File > Save as.

5. Save the file to your desktop as Real Life Cartoon1

6. Search the web for a cartoon character and a real photograph. Watch the file deminsions look for ones that are at minimum 1100 x 850.

7. Open the images you saved from the web, both the cartoon and real life image. Then drag both of them into the PSD layout file together.

8. Lastly design and create.