SB – Page Design

Below are the instructions for creating your HTML page design for your Spring Break website. This is NOT your index nor is this your DWT file. Several of the instructions will refer back to the Dreamweaver book used in class.

Getting the File

1. Open Adobe Dreamweaver

2. Make sure you are in your Spring Break site area. (Check what the file panel shows).

3. Choose File > New

4. Select Blank Document > HTML > ……. the next selection is based on your design preference.

For a side menu choose either:

  • 2 column fixed, left sidebar, header and footer
  • 2 column fixed, right sidebar, header and footer

For a menu along just the top:

  • 1 column fixed, centered, header and footer

5. Choose File > Save as

6. Save the file with the filename PageDesign


Placing Graphics

1. Select the .container style from the Styles panel.

2. Change the width to 950px

3. Select Insert_logo area at the of the page.

4. Insert your title graphic JPEG from your images folder.

You may need to adjust the .header style area to view the entire image.

5. Select the .footer style.

6. Change the width to 950 and the height to 35.

7. Now insert your background image and repeat for X. (Book instructions page 69)

8. Save the file.