SB – Setting CSS

All instructions for this section come from page 123 steps 1-6.

Making a Separate CSS

1. Open your PageDesign file in Adobe Dreamweaver.

2. Find the Styles Panel.

3. Using the computer mouse select the first style listed under the <style> tag (This will probably be the body style.)

4. With the body style selected hold the SHIFT key down and select the last style in the Style panel. (This will probably be the .clearfloat style.)

5. Now all of the styles in the style panel should be selected.

6. Right click and select Move CSS Rules…

7. Select “A new style sheet….”

8. Click OK

9. Go to your Spring Break folder.

10. Save as MySpringBreak

Once saved you will be returned to the Dreamweaver window.

11. Find the <style> in the Style panel.

12. Select it and Delete it.

13. Choose File > Save All.