SB – Page Information

Below are the items are the minimum requirements for each of your pages. Designing. Embellishing. Going above the minimum will not only make your website better looking, but make your grade better.


Best thing to find is a collage already online or image that’s not your title showing your destination. Make up a tagline for your site “Smallwood’s Great Spring Break Extravaganza” (Obviously don’t use my name. Come up with your own idea.)



Place a Google map of the SB location. Links to the sites. You might also include any interesting facts or distance from Killeen.

How are you getting there. Logos. Pricing. Flying first class or taking a bus. Be detailed. Copy from the actual websites the flight numbers etc. Leave cost for the final page.



Where you staying? Links to the sites. Pictures. Pictures. Pictures. Location map would be good. Logos. Leave cost for the final page.



3 Persons are traveling with you. Pictures. Who are they? Why did they get picked and not your Web Technology teacher?



How are you getting around your SB location? Bicycle? Harley? Cab? Commuter plane? Helicopter? Subway? Use images and logos. Leave cost for the final page.



Where you gonna eat. Maps. Links to the sites. Pictures of the places. Pictures of the food. Leave cost for the final page.


The Sights

5 places you will visit and WHY while on SB. Obviously pictures? Links to the sites. Will it cost anything, if so ….. you know by now……. Leave cost for the final page.



What are you going to be doing for 7 days? Give 5 things you plan on doing. Links if any. And pictures obviously. Anndddddd. …….Leave cost for the final page.


Famous Person

Who is it? Picture of them? And a paragraph . . .  actually a made up story . . . think fantasy . . . .  Where do you meet them?  Subway? Restaurant? NBA game? And if you’re good photoshop yourself into a photo with them.



Well here it is. Cost. HINT: Make a spreadsheet using Excel. Copy and paste into your page. Place dollar signs or money on the page for images. Or an image of you look broke. EVERY page above that had aqua text next to it needs to be listed on this page.