Mr. Smallwood’s Info

It’s been eleven years now that I’ve been at Ellison High School, before entering the halls of EHS I roamed the Kangaroo property across Killeen for the first 12 years of my teaching career.  I’ve taught everything from electricity and transportation, wood shop, drafting, video, photography darkroom techniques, produced the KROO news for 10 years, and spent two very cold nights as JV soccer coach.

I do have a family, now part of Ellison.  My wife teaches at Clifton Park Elementary, my daughter and son are also Ellison Eagles. I was born and raised in Austin and graduated from Tarleton State University a long time ago.

I don’t play games on computers or even own a PS2 or Wii.  So don’t even ask me about Madden 09.  However if you’ve got a zit that you want removed from a picture or an old boyfriend even that I can help you with.  I enjoy computers and learning through my own studying, although tricks and knowledge gained from students is even better.

Just remember there’s more to this world than Facebook, myspace, text messaging, and internet games.