Apr 27

April 27

Today you’ll continue your work from Chapter 9.

You’ll also be printing as you go through Chapter 9.

Apr 24

April 24th

Today we’ll continue chapter 9.

I’ll also be passing back your Ch. 8 work.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Apr 23

April 23

Today back to reality. You’ll be continuing chapter 9.

Also if you took the test yesterday and know the areas your lacking in, then study. We’ve covered everything on the test. Ask me if you have any questions.

Apr 22

April 22

Today yes today many of you will be taking the certification test so no info on Chapter 9.

Apr 21

April 21

Today some of you will be taking the certification test.

Everyone will set up Chapter 9. Dealing with images.

Apr 20

April 20

Today we will go over the sections of the Dreamweaver certification test. Also where to find the study guides. and yes I have a book.

Later this week Chapter 9.

Apr 17

April 17

Today you will be either taking the certification test or you’ll be finishing your last practice test.

Next week we’ll delve into Chapter 9.

Apr 16

April 16

Today you will have to complete your practice test. Remember you must have two stapled together with your highest grades on the test.

Next week Chapter 9.

Apr 16

KISD Career Center Early Out

Here’s the schedule:



1 8:50 – 9:24
2 9:28 – 10:02
3 10:05 – 10:39
4 10:42 – 11:17
Lunch 11:17 – 12:25
5 12:25 – 12:50
6 12:53 – 1:17
7 1:20 – 1:45

Apr 15

April 15

Today once you have both practice test complete you are to staple your test together. And in the future if you have an updated grade your to staple the updated page to your own set.

If you have two grades above 90 I will set you up to take the certification test.

Apr 14

April 14th

Today you will continue the online practice testing for Dreamweaver.

Reminder both 1 & 2 practice test will be summative grades for the nine weeks.

Apr 13

March 13th

Today you will be getting the IE short cut logo to place on your desktop.

Then returning to Certiport for testing.

Didn’t complete Chapter 8. You’ve got till Monday to turn it in.


Code for test:


Apr 10

March 10th

Today you will be finishing Chapter 8.

If complete you’ll be going into the Certiport area. For testing.

Apr 09

April 9th

Today you will have to complete and print out Chapter 8…….. hopefully.

Apr 08

March 8th

Today you will have to hopefully complete the work of Chapter 8.

Make sure to take a look at the examples in the first part of the chapter and printout with you name in the Title Window.

Apr 07

March 7th

Today you will continue the Chapter 8 learning curve.

Yep it’s daunting to learn new software and where the company thought it would be a good idea to place things. Not so much when you knew the old software really well. You will get through it. I promise.

Apr 06

April 6th

Today you will be completing (hopefully) Chapter 8.

There should be several pages that you will be printing. And yes I’ll be coming around either today or tomorrow to checkout your Classes site.

Mar 31

March 31st – April 2nd

Today and for the next two days you will be working through Chapter 8 in the workbook.

Creating list and creating tables. Pretty simple stuff.

The hard part comes in Chapter 9.

Mar 30

March 30th

Today you will be setting up the information for Chapter 8.

Then you will finish the Classes pages and printout.

Mar 27

March 27th

Today we will complete the Classes website. By:

  • Making the pages from the template.
  • Creating info on all pages.

Have a Great Weekend!!


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