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Oct 24

October 24th – Favorites Complete

Today by the time you walk out of class your Favorites page should be complete. Also your Tutorial 10 (Friends table listing) should have been printed.

Oct 23

October 23rd – Table & Favorites

Today you will complete and printout the table you began yesterday of your friends. Reminder that phone number formatting, title info, and centering really do count. Also today I will go over the Favorites page information with you. 4th Period heads up!!!! — You will be hosting 5th graders on Friday! We’ll talk today about …

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Oct 22

October 22nd

Today your homework is due!! Also today creating a table from your homework. Tomorrow working on Favorites page.

Oct 18

October 18th – Time for Tables

Today during class we’ll be going over the Table properties, settings, and design applications. Will it take all period? Probably. Tomorrow when you come to class you’ll begin work on your Favorites page. Adding tables and more graphics with links.

Oct 16

October 16th

Today you will be finishing your graphics for ON and OFF, home, and Favorites page title. Also today Quiz #3. Reminder that tomorrow you will be PSAT testing. 4th period I know you’re deeply saddened not to be able to see me tomorrow. I’m sure you will make through somehow. 5th period, it’s just 38 …

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