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Senior Edits Finish – 3/22

Today’s goal is to complete your 10 senior edits. Remember you can go through and do multiple edits to one image, so you might have 20 -25 images you upload.

Next week we’ll begin the process of Photomerging.

Liquify Bodies – 3/21

Today’s goal is to liquify folks from the class. And after that some puppet warping if we have time.

Tomorrow you will hopefully wrap up your editing of your 10 best senior photos.

From this . . . .

To this. . . .

Liquifying Faces – 3/20

Today’s goal is to begin the process of learning how to Liquify images. Some can be good…… while other times it can be rough. In today’s lesson you’ll see how faces are morphed and changed using Photoshop. Tomorrow we will spend all period morphing your bodies.

Also today editing your senior photos. Should be 5th – 6th edits.

Friday you will have to complete your senior edits.

CP@ & Pract – Coaster DIY Part 2 – 3/19

Today you’ll be going through and gluing????? your images to the tiles.

Tomorrow you’ll begin week 4 projects.

Also today overview of nine weeks.

Picture Day . . . . Sort of – 3/19

Today’s goal is to have your image captured for tomorrow’s warping lessons.

Also today you’ll be completing your hopefully 3rd – 5th senior edit. If you’re wanting to upload to Flickr as you go it’s your choice on watermarking. Either with or without.

When you edit. Think more than one time only on a photo:



Edit with crop



Tighter crop



Crop going opposite direction for side lettering later on.



Crop going opposite direction but tighter



Same crop made B&W



Practicum – Last Photo Projects

Check the calendar of dates:

  • Last 3 Projects – 4/5
  • Certification Due – 4/23
  • Pirelli Photo – 5/6
  • Senior Partner OCF Photo Session – 5/17

CP2 & Pract – Get 4

Tdoay you will be getting 4 images. Any 4 images. Only stipulation. You want them to go together. They can be the same type object. Same person. Same theme.

You’ll all get the layout from me at the beginning of class:

Below is the details:

  1. Press G.
  2. On the LEFT side make a Collection called My 4
  3. Drag your 4 choice images into the My 4 collection.
  4. Now go and crop each image 1×1.
  5. Go to the print area.
  6. Using the 4×4 layout. Place your images into the layout.
  7. Under Image Settings make your selection choices for Inner Stroke.
  8. When you are ready to turn in click on the Print to File…. button at the bottom right corner.
  9. Find the 4×4 folder in Templates & Graphics > Files for Printing.
  10. Save it with your name.


Senior Editing & Your Photo – 3/18

Welcome Back!!

Today’s goal is to complete two more senior edits. By this time next week you’ll need 10 total images edited. Between now and then you’ll be learning the process of Warping images.

So how’s this going to work. Look at the schedule below:

  • Monday – Senior photo editing.
  • Tuesday – Photos taken of each of you on white paper & Senior photo editing.
  • Wednesday – Warping your face.
  • Thursday – Warping whole body.
  • Friday – Editing senior photos.

Next week we’ll begin Photomerging/Panoramic.

This nine weeks we’ll go over the upcoming nine weeks:

  • Panaramic
  • Multiplicity
  • Themes
  • Perspective
  • Senior Photos
  • Final Exam

Best Pic – 3/8

Today Best Pic export and printing.

Editing. Means just that. Edit.

SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) – Photos by Leslie Falcon HHHS ’19


After editing in PS & LR


Simple add on and it’s graduation invite ready.

Falcon-2b Falcon-2c

Have a Great Spring Break!!

Early Out

Early Release Bell Schedule



1 8:50 – 9:24
2 9:28 – 10:02
3 10:05 – 10:39
4 10:42 – 11:17
Lunch 11:17 – 12:22
5 12:25 – 12:53
6 12:57 – 1:24
7 1:28 – 1:55

Delete & Find the Best – 3/7

Today’s goal is deleting. Delete all of the bad, double, not in focus, eye closed, senior photos. Some of you this will take a while because you have so many photos.

When you’re done deleting. Find the best image. Edit using LR and/or PS.





Senior Pics Due TODAY!! – 3/6

Today’s goal before you leave your class your Senior Session Workflow is DUE!! That is the main goal for today. More information will be given during class today. Here are the highlights below:

  • Print to the HP4700
  • Make sure your Name High School & Class Period are on the paper
  • After stapling. Write on the back date, time, & place images were shot.

Tomorrow and Friday. Senior edits.









PShop Tutorials – 3/4-3/5

Today’s (and Tomorrow’s) goal is to begin two Photoshop assignments they are due completed and posted to your Flickr account by the end of class Thursday.

Didn’t finish and complete your food assignment. Grades are/have been posted already.

Senior Photos due WEDNESDAY!! 100 photos. 1 Senior only. 2-3 Changes of clothes.

Sync Editing – 3/1

Today’s goal is to learn the ways of Sync editing using Lightroom . . . . No not NSYNC.

Senior images DUE Wednesday!


Have a Great Weekend!!

Ummm 9 Pic Layout?? – 2/28

Today is your FINAL day to complete and turn-in BOTH Food & 9 Macro image layout.

Tomorrow. Short lesson on Sync editing.

Senior Photos – Due March 6th!!



9 Macro & Food – 9/27

Today’s goal is to have your 9 Macro Photo Layout saved for printing and your food design uploaded into the Flickr group. Below are the instructions.

9 Macro Image

Open Adobe Lightroom.

Go to the Library Grid mode (Letter G).

Find your Macro images taken of one room or one large object.

Look for your best nine images. Give them a rating you’ll remember.

Select one of the images for cropping. When selected press the letter R on your keyboard.

Within the crop area select the Aspect ratio of 1×1.


Once selected crop your image the way you want it to appear in your layout.

REPEAT – Now that you’ve completed the first crop. Crop the remaining 8 macro images.

Now that all images are cropped go to your Print area within LR and choose the 9 Macro Layout created yesterday in class.

Once the layout is selected go through and place your nine images into the layout.


Now that the layout is filled turn your attention to the right side of LR.

Place the background color on the layout under the Page option area.

Then go to the Print Job area. Make the following settings:

  • Print to: JPEG file
  • File Resolution: 200 ppi
  • Print Sharpening: Standard


When correct press the Print to File… button.

Go to Templates & Graphics > File for Printing > Class Period Folder Number  either 1 or 7 folder.

Save the file as normal. ClassPeriod-HighSchoolLetter-FirstLastName (6-P-Justin Case)


Now that this is done. Finish your food project.

Instagram Changed Restaurants

Macro Layout, Saving Layouts, Food Cont. – 2/26

Today’s goal is to create the 9 image layout for the Macro assignment to be turned in tomorrow. In doing so we’ll go over the Print layout in little more detail. When done you’ll be able to save your own layouts.

Another aspect of your Macro will be the cropping. We’ll go over this in class.

Also today saving Food Layout you’re working on.

Tomorrow turning in 9 Macro layout and uploading Food.

Instagram vs. Press Photo


Food Continues & Week at a Glance – 2/25

Today’s goal is to get most of your food design layout complete. Here’s what you should have:

  1. Have your best and final food image at the top, then supporting images underneath.
  2. Top photo has text titling what the food is.
  3. Next images are supporting ones.
  4. Last image is to include your logo. Bottom right corner. Small.
  5. Images may have borders.
  6. All images saved as PSD files.

This week at a glance:

  • Monday – Food Project assembling
  • Tuesday – Food Continues & 9 Image layout.
  • Wednesday – Food Due
  • Thursday – Editing, Inserting best 9 & Saving.
  • Friday – Sync Editing