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2nd & 4th Pd. Exams

Today’s Schedule





2 9:50-11:30 Study & Exam
Lunch 11:30-12:05
4 12:10-1:50 Study & Exam

1st & 3rd Pd. Exams

Today’s Schedule





1 8:50-10:40 Study & Exam
2 10:46-11:46
Lunch 11:46- 12:46
3 12:48-2:38 Study & Exam
4 2:44-3:55  

5th & 7th Pd. Exams

Today’s Schedule




1 8:50-9:12
2 9:18-9:45
3 9:51-10:24  
4 10:30-11:00
Lunch 11:00-12:20  
5 12:23-2:03 Study & Exam
6 N/A
7 2:06-3:55 Study & Exam


6th Pd Exam

Today’s Schedule







1 8:50-9:35  
2 9:41-10:31
3 10:37-11:27
4 11:33-12:15
Lunch 12:15-1:20  
5 1:23-1:38
6 1:44-3:24 Study & Exam
7 3:30-3:55

Getting Rid of Stuff – 5/23

Today’s goal is to delete some files. We’ll go through both LR and Br to take care of this.

Also last minute printing.

Pics for Printing – 5/21-5/22

Today’s (& Tomorrow’s) goal is to find and edit the 5 best images for printing purposes. We’ll go over exporting information again at the beginning of class.

Tomorrow 5/22 is last day any work for Final Exam, Quote/Color, or PanoWorld will be accepted.

Finishing Quote/Color – 5/20

Today’s goal is for you to complete your Quote or Color creation.

Tomorrow you will begin the process of finding your better images from this year to print and mat.

It’s Been a Rough Week – 5/17

Today’s goal is to begin the creation of your Text or Color design. Instructions for beginning the design will posted online today.

Next week printing and mounting.

Have a Great Weekend!!


This week we lost three famous stars.

Doris Day. Bigger than any star you know now days.


Tim Conway. One of the best funny men of all times. Complete ad lib on live TV.


And today… Crumpy Cat



Shooting OR Turning-In – 5/15 – 5/16

Today’s goal (and tomorrow’s) is to complete your PanoWorld assignment by printing and uploading. Follow all directions online.


Also you will begin shooting your own photo using tripod and camera with the self timer. Your color/quote assignment is due Monday.


PanoWorld – 5/14

Today’s goal is to get your best PanoWorld creations done.

Also today going over your next shooting assignment choice.

Final Exam – Last Day – 5/13

Today’s goal is simple. Finish and complete your Final Exam. Save it and print it before leaving class today.

Tomorrow. Pano-World’s.

Mirror Mirror Due & Final Should be Complete – 5/10

Today you have to work on your Final Exam. Make sure to watch for text design. As stated before………..

You may use the ideas from your folder or from these sites TinyPrints, Zazzle, Shutterfly, BayPhoto, BayPhoto2 or NapTime websites. You want more sites? Click here for Google search or here for Google Images of graduation invitations.


Mitchel Barrett

Final Exam due Monday.

Also today Mirror Mirror due.

Have a Great Weekend!!


Final Exam Continues – 5/9

Today’s goal is to complete one side of your Final Exam. And then tomorrow to complete the other half.

Reminder tomorrow your last Theme Week is due. Mirror Mirror.

Final Exam Begins Today – 5/8

Today’s goal is for you to begin your Final Exam. The first part of the instructions are up online. The printing, saving, and uploading will be there Friday.

I’ll also go over extra information as well.

Senior Assignment should have been completed yesterday.




You were to print and upload to your Flickr account your card assignment design. You were to design both a FRONT and BACK. Below are some designs that were good.

Finish Card Assignment – 5/7

Today you have to work on your senior graduation design assignment. Here are a few things to remember:

  • You don’t have to edit the photos themselves unless you really want to.
  • Make sure to use Leading and Tracking, you’ll see a difference in your design.
  • No more than 3 font families total.
  • You may NOT use any of the designs that are posted on this website during your design process.
  • Watch your colors.

Most importantly. The assignment is due when you walk out the door TODAY!!


Need a font? I’ll show you how to install today.


Overlays (or also called watermarks) and how they work with your design. Below are clouds that can be used in designing if your sky looks bad.

Some overlays are NOT text.

However most overlays are not and they are NOT free.

Senior Invites This Week – 5/6

Today’s goal is to complete at least half of your senior card design assignment and finish tomorrow.

Wednesday – Friday is your Final Exam!!!

Also this week. Mirror Mirror. Last 20 points of your Theme Summative.

Bubbles Due & Overlays – 5/3

Today you’ll have to upload your Bubble pics and we’ll go over Photoshop Overlays.

Next week Final Exams!!!

Have a Great Weekend!


Theme 5 – 5/3

Mirror Mirror


  • Your best image due next Friday at the end of class.
  • Image must be posted to your Flickr account.
  • Image must have the same title as theme.
  • Image description must include your name, high school, class period.

Senior Invite Begins – 5/2

Today you will begin the process of your Final Exam. What I figure is by next Thursday all Final Exams should be done and completed. Any days missed in class by you must be made up either before or after school only… AND with prior consult of Mr. Smallwood.

We’ll start today with some overview of card designs. Then we’ll get to a refreshing of the Character panel once more (I know you know it, but just for ole time sakes). Lastly if time permits we’ll discuss overlays.


Multi Turn-in – 5/1

Today’s goal is to get your multiplicities printed and turned in. Make sure to staple and put your name, high school, and class period on your papers.

Tomorrow. Graduation invitations.