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Matting Last Day????? – 1/30

Today’s goal is to get as many of you through the process of matting your images as possible.

If and when you are finished you will leave your frame and mats here in the classroom. The additional two images you edited will be taken home.

Tomorrow Chapter 18.

Matting/Mounting Day 2 – 1/29

Today’s goal is to have your matting complete (Some of you got this done yesterday). After matting you will focus on mounting two images to your mat boards. Very important not to mount crooked.

Hopefully by tomorrow everyone is complete with their work.

Self Portrait Assignment – EVERYONE!!

Image result for atpi self portrait

Self Portrait Assignment Due

February 15th


All images must have been taken after August 1, 2018.
Click here to see past winner’s galleries.

Image result for atpi self portrait

Image result for atpi self portrait

Image result for atpi self portrait

Image result for atpi self portrait


Matting & Mounting Begins – 1/28

Today’s goal is to have one image matted and two others dry mount on. Hopefully by Wednesday we’re all done with the process.

This week:

  • Photo displays
  • Up close (macro) food coloring.

Print. Save. Book. – 1/25

Today’s goal is to begin printing. Learn how to get your images to your phone. And lastly how process for mounting photos.

Next week you’ll be mounting and matting.

Also next week the start of Food and Macro photos.

Have a Great Weekend!!


Today’s goal is to have all 5 images edited and cropped ready for printing tomorrow.

Make sure to watch for limb chops. Don’t cut off the photo where the body bends. You are to crop images 8×10.

Make your life easier. Rate your best. That way you can edit faster.




Finishing Senior Info, Start Ch. 18 & Find 5 – 1/23

Today’s goal is many different things:

  • Finish up Senior information.
  • Go over first part of Chapter 18
  • Find 5 images to print.

Tomorrow more of Ch 18. & Beginning to Print

CP2 – Pricing – 1/22

  1. Kelly Hosch
  2. Heather Nix


Senior Photos Project Overview & More – 1/22

Today we’ll discuss all things senior photos including when to shoot, how to watch the weather, where to shoot, and ideas for shooting. Your senior photoshoot is going to count for two summative grades.

Photos are due March 5th!

ONE senior only. 100+ photos.

Two outfits minimum!

What’s Expected?!?!?
Shoot ONE senior. Turn-in 100+ photos.

Here is a link to a senior portrait session I did two years ago. Spent 2 hours shooting. She changed clothes three times. Made sure to shoot during Golden Hour. Used a flash or reflector for some of the shots.


We’ll cover the rest of the information in class today.

Finding Photos, Cleaning Up, & Pre-Registration – 1/18

Today’s goal is to put away and find your photos. We’ll also discuss registration for next year.

In other news. Next week will consist of printing, mounting, displaying photos. Also your senior photo project.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Portrait Sessions – 1/14 – 1/17

Today through Thursday’s goal is to become well versed in studio portrait lighting and posing. I’ve included in each room posing guides for each area from Sue Bryce.


Below is guide that is posted in each shooting area. Here are the crop marks where you can stop the frame, GREEN. Do Not Crop at the RED, you’ll make the image look awkward.











Ch 14, Poses, Professional Dress, & More – 1/11

Today you will be completing the Chapter 14 worksheet. When finished turn in to the substitute.

posing gif

Poses. Using Pinterest. Evernote. Keep. Go through the interweb (internet people, internet) and find some poses to use for next week. The more you save the more options you’ll have when shooting next week.

Speaking of next week. You’ll be in groups of 3. THREE! Except for one group in each class, which will have 4 people. If you want to figure your groups today you might want to get a head start.

listen up gif

(Ran this by 7th period yesterday and they were all for it. So 1st period read carefully.)

PROFESSIONAL DRESS Alternative because next weeks studio portraits. I will take professional dress grades for all 4 days from Monday through Thursday next week. Then there will be NO professional dress the following three (3) weeks. Yes you read that right. Since you’ll be prepared for pics I’ll do the grades then.

Dress will not be just all dark like normal. Dress nice for photos each day, because you’ll be posing for pics each day. That means no holes, rips, etc. Not just t-shirts.

4 days. 4 dress for pics. 4 grades. No professional dress for 3 weeks. Got questions. Send me an email or remind message.

friends gif2

Have a Great Weekend!


Inverse Square Law & Softboxes – 1/10

Today’s goal is to be able to understand the Inverse Square Law. Here’s the definition . . . .

“a law stating that the intensity of an effect such as illumination or gravitational force changes in inverse proportion to the square of the distance from the source.”

Eyes glazing over?? Probably.

You’ll find it easier when Peter Hurley explains it.

Tomorrow. Chapter 14 worksheet.


CP2 & Pract – Upcoming Assignments

We’ll discuss today.



CP2 –

  • Water Droplet
  • Velvet 56
  • Tilt Shift
  • GoPro
  • Eyelighter
  • Gallery Wrap


Pract –

  • Green Screen
  • Under water portrait
  • Water/Oil Droplets
  • Gallery Wraps
  • Color Paper

Studio Lights & Shadows – 1/9

Today’s goal is to lock away the ambient camera settings and change to studio camera light settings.

Below is a better example of Pack-and-Head system from page 323.



The Profoto Monolight system below is what we have available in the studio.light2

Tomorrow. Inverse Square Law

CP2 – Colors & Letterhead

Today’s goal is to get your color palette for your logo/letterhead/business cards/resume. You are starting Branding Part 2


You’ll start by making a folder for Business Documents.

L1 L2

Also today beginning the process of creating your letterhead. You can use either Word, Photoshop, or Lightroom to create. Or a mixture of programs.


  • Word – Open a new document. Create the header area.
  • Photoshop – Open a new document. Select 8.5×11 paper portrait.
  • Illustrator – Open a new document. Select 8.5×11 paper portrait.

Search the web for ideas.

Don’t know what colors to use. Either try Illustrator palettes or Adobe Capture app.


Welcome Back – 1/8

Today’s goal is to appreciate what you have in terms of cameras, lighting, and speed. We’ll do this with the help of history and Chapter 14.


Most studios from the beginning of portrait studios were built using skylights for lights.


To get people to pose correctly they would use this device called a posing stand.s3

Looks comfortable doesn’t it. Now you know why no one smiled in old photos.


Tomorrow — Professional Dress