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Practicum – Last Photo Projects

Check the calendar of dates:

  • Last 3 Projects – 4/5
  • Certification Due – 4/23
  • Pirelli Photo – 5/6
  • Senior Partner OCF Photo Session – 5/17

CP2 & Pract – Get 4

Tdoay you will be getting 4 images. Any 4 images. Only stipulation. You want them to go together. They can be the same type object. Same person. Same theme.

You’ll all get the layout from me at the beginning of class:

Below is the details:

  1. Press G.
  2. On the LEFT side make a Collection called My 4
  3. Drag your 4 choice images into the My 4 collection.
  4. Now go and crop each image 1×1.
  5. Go to the print area.
  6. Using the 4×4 layout. Place your images into the layout.
  7. Under Image Settings make your selection choices for Inner Stroke.
  8. When you are ready to turn in click on the Print to File…. button at the bottom right corner.
  9. Find the 4×4 folder in Templates & Graphics > Files for Printing.
  10. Save it with your name.


Senior Editing & Your Photo – 3/18

Welcome Back!!

Today’s goal is to complete two more senior edits. By this time next week you’ll need 10 total images edited. Between now and then you’ll be learning the process of Warping images.

So how’s this going to work. Look at the schedule below:

  • Monday – Senior photo editing.
  • Tuesday – Photos taken of each of you on white paper & Senior photo editing.
  • Wednesday – Warping your face.
  • Thursday – Warping whole body.
  • Friday – Editing senior photos.

Next week we’ll begin Photomerging/Panoramic.

This nine weeks we’ll go over the upcoming nine weeks:

  • Panaramic
  • Multiplicity
  • Themes
  • Perspective
  • Senior Photos
  • Final Exam