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ATPI Turn-in & Theme – 4/5

Today’s goal is to Export all good images for the ATPI Rising Star Award contest. I will walk you through the process. You will simply look for your images and export.

Also today covering the first of 5 theme week projects.

Photomerges – Will be due next Tuesday/Wednesday

Have a Great Weekend!

Week 1 Theme – Bluebonnets

bluebonnetThis weeks theme:


  • Your best image due next Friday at the end of class.
  • Image must be posted to your Flickr account.
  • Image must have the same title as theme.
  • Image description must include your name, high school, class period.

Another new weekly theme will be given in class next Friday.



There will be 5 theme weeks. At the end of each week your image will be worth 20 points. At the end of the 5 weeks all points will be added for your Summative grade. NO late images will be accepted. Not posted by the due date grade will be a zero for the week.