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Bracketing Shooting & Photomerge Turn-in – 4/10-11

Today’s goal is for you to get better at shooting bracketed images. OR turning in photomerges.

  1. Make sure to place your images back in your Merge to HDR for folder.
  2. Make sure to shoot six bracketed images for each area.

Here are the required areas you will be shooting:

  • Outdoor – ISO 100
  • Classroom/Office Area
  • Shop Area (Standing with the shop/garage doors at your back looking into the shop with the sunlight behind you)
  • Cosmetology
  • Main Area (Commons)
  • Inside looking out
  • Using natural indirect light


Ones that can be replaced are listed below with replaced items:

  • Outdoor – Any outdoor location
  • Classroom/Office – Your bedroom/Living room
  • Indirect light – May be shot at home with someone or pet
  • Shop Area – Your garage at home. (Same standards)

Below are examples of what is expected.

Commons Area


Inside Looking Out

Shop Area (Indoors. Standing with the shop doors at your back.)



Indirect Lighting – (With added Photoshop actions)