Gettin a Blog

Today you will be creating your own blog at

A few things to remember:

Use your school email (cause you’re going to have to verify your account before beginning). If you can get to your email on your phone and verify from there then by all means you can use your own email address. Not the school’s.

Don’t be stupid with your name or blog title. Your Name Photography or something like that will work. You’ve seen many sites in recent days, you want it to look and sound respectable.

Lastly once you’ve set it up. Select your theme, colors, etc. Written a blog post. Then you need to post your BEST photo from yesterday’s event. (Ashley, post a Puppypalooza image instead.)

EXTRA – Get and set plugins. Here are some links 1 and 2




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  1. Lorelle says:

    Thanks for including my article in your list of recommendations and resources.

    A couple of notes (I recommend you moderate this as it has nothing to do with students).

    1. Have the students sign up for a site. They do not need the cost nor nuisance of a self-hosted WordPress site for a class project. It’s a great practice playground. A site is free, offers great variety, and has many features for photographers that are actually WordPress Plugins.

    2. I recommend they experiment with the Duotone and Monotone WordPress Themes as well as others which are specifically designed for photographers and photoblogs.

    3. An appropriate site name for a site and a class project, which might be a temporary site for them to play on, would be their name or initials plus a number such as or This makes it a throw-away site, one they could migrate away from easily when they are ready, while giving them a chance to experiment and get it wrong as much as right. 😀

    Good luck with your class.

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