Photography Genre – Glitz Photography

I had never heard the term  Glitz Photography or seen images representing it before last night. I’m a member of several photography groups on Facebook, one being Learn to Light – An OCF Lighting Community The group is about sharing images while using Off Camera Flash. Members share their images, camera settings, flash settings, and behind the scene images. While scrolling through Facebook last night the following post appeared from the group.

First comment was a behind the scenes photo that many photographers will share in the group showing their lighting setup.

Yes. You guessed it. The remaining 100+ comments were in reference to the original image. Which I’ve never seen as well so it was a bit strange. Glitz Photography. It’s a real thing. One comment was a screen shot of a search you can find online.

Dennis, the original post, shared a text message from the mother. Who, seems to be very pleased with the image. And if the customers happy. Everyone is happy.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve heard of Toddlers and Tiara’s show. Even gave about 10 seconds of viewing while flipping channels one time. But I’ve never known about Glitz Photography. Glamour Photography? Yes. Very popular in the 90’s. Glitz? There is a market.

By the way. The original post photographer is known for sports photography.

If you’ve got photography skills and some Photoshop knowledge this could be your career after high school.

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