Professional Dress

Professional Dress Standards

Professional Dress day will be on Wednesday’s unless otherwise instructed.

Here are the requirements. Commercial Photography will consist of:

  • Black pants/Black jeans
  • Black skirt/dress
  • Dark solid shirt (polo style preferred)
  • Commercial Photography polo is acceptable
  • Comfortable black/dark shoes (closed toed preferred, not required).
  • Solid black athletic shoes are acceptable. Soles may be any color.

Below is what is NOT acceptable:

  • No flip flops.
  • No thin strap tops.
  • No blue jeans.
  • No rips or holes.
  • No pants/jeans with rips or holes.
  • No black t-shirts with any text. (This includes the KCC black shirt)
  • No Blue KCC Photo shirts.
  • No yoga pants.


See instructor for any questions or concerns.