Food Project Begins – 2/22

Today’s goal is to be familiar with what is required for your food project and to begin creating it. You will have today through probably Tuesday to complete the project. For most of you it shouldn’t take you that long. When you are done you will have used between 3-5 images.

foodFinal shot on top with the making images below. You will see quite a few when you turn in your work.

You will be posting your creation to Flickr when you are complete. You will also be saving your best image of your food for printing.

Prepare yourself for reading, designing, and creating on your own. You want your food to be presented as best possible so that someone wants to eat it.

Food Photos Turn-In – 2/21

Today’s goal is to begin creating your food design. You’ll first go through and printout ALL of your photos use the Workflow instructions. This is due before you walk out the door today.

Tomorrow you’ll begin putting the images together.

Finishing ATPI & Photo Display – 2/20

Today’s goal is to complete ATPI upload and displays for Thursday evening.

Tomorrow I’ll go over Food Photography project.

Self Portrait – 2/19

Today’s goal getting images ready for Thursday. Also if your name is listed below getting your image uploaded to ATPI contest site. Entries may NOT have your watermark/logo on them.

Need to see the following today –


  • Haley
  • Bowers
  • Zoe
  • Jared
  • Falcon
  • Ma
  • Lyric
  • Yami


  • Daejzia
  • Dhalia
  • Josephine
  • Robert
  • Celia
  • Kevin
  • Luca
  • Simone
  • Zoe
  • Alecia
  • Ariana
  • Jamari
  • James



  • Shane
  • Tyra
  • Ashleigh
  • Emily
  • Austin
  • Blanco
  • Enizjah
  • Alexa
  • Madeline
  • Dasia
  • Jane

EVERYONE – Self Portrait – 2/15

Today’s goal is to have your Self Portrait turned in.

Reminder self portrait images must have been taken by you, NOT someone else. Also they may not be part of any class time assignments or shooting (like using a photo from studio portrait learning).

Below are the instructions for each class period:

1st & 7th – Commercial Photography 1 – Once you are done editing your self portrait image upload to your Flickr account.

3rd/4th & 5th/6th – Commercial Photography 2 & Practicum – Once you are done editing your self portrait make a blog post titled “Self Portrait” and place your self portrait image into the post.

Finishing Mounting & Editing Self Portrait – 2/14

Today’s goal is to complete your Food Mounting. Then with the rest of the period go through and edit your self portrait image. Your image should already have been taken . . . . . NOT LOOKING THROUGH YOUR PHONE TO FIND ONE!!!

Tomorrow you’ll get information on how to turn in your assignment.


Mounting & Layout Set Up – 2/13

Today’s goal is to begin the process of mounting your best food photo image from last week.

Also today we’ll go through and figure out the best way to get your layout done in Photoshop or Lightroom.

Lastly you’ll have the remainder of the week to work on your Self Portrait assignment.

Below is an example of how many photos you should have.

NO repeat angle. No out of focus. No duplicators.


Shooting & Cutting – 2/12

Today taking photos & cutting images.

You hopefully will be editing images tomorrow.

Multiple Views/Objects Only – 2/11

Multiple View

Today’s goal (and through Thursday) is to capture images of one object only or one room only. You will do this using macro photography principles with either a camera from the career center or your own cell phone.

You will capture multiple images and lay them out like the ones in the design above.

Also this week you’ll be Exporting your best food image for printing & mounting.

So today you will:

  • Give a writing sample.
  • See the difference between your cell phone and DSLR camera when taking macro images.
  • Export your best food image.



FRIDAY – Self Portrait DUE!!!!

Next TUESDAY – Food images DUE!!!

March 5th – Senior Photos DUE!!!

Calendar, Editing, & Ellen – 2/8

Today we’ll be discussing what’s due. When it’s due. And what you need to do.

Also Self Portrait image due Next Friday!!

Also today editing your pics from this week will take place today.




Have a Great Weekend!

Selfie or Narcissistie?


My favorite cartoon character.

Food Project Begins – 2/7

Today’s goal is to fully understand the project you are assigned and what it will take to be successful. The last three days were so you could get a feel for what shooting food images will be like.

Food Photography

Food Photography images (20 – 30 Pics)
due February 19th

Below are some examples of food images.


And a lot of what not to do….

And where to get ideas. Try Spoon, Fork, Bacon

Below are images from last years not exactly food photos.


This is what 1/4000 of second will capture.

Food Shoot – 2/6

Today’s goal is to capture food images in the best possible light. Tomorrow videos and finishing.

Confectionery Item Shoot – 2/5

Today’s goal is to shoot a well lit photo of a sugar item. You will have many different lights to use and tryout. Also before beginning you might want to printout a design.


Tomorrow. Food photos on your own.

Food Coloring Photography – 2/4


Today’s goal is to capture food coloring as it floats in a glass jar. To do so we’ll be using the following:

  • Food coloring
  • Cooking oil
  • Water
  • Beakers
  • Science Lab
  • Led lights
  • Construction paper

Before we go we’ll watch the quick video.

Photo Booth & Finish – 2/1

Today’s goal is to know what’s needed to run a photobooth. And really it’s four things – Camera. Computer. Printer. Lights.

Also if you didn’t finish your matting you’ll do that today.

1st period I’ll be coming around grading and you’ll be taking home your prints.

Next week:

  • Monday – Water Color
  • Tuesday – Cupcakes
  • Wednesday/Thursday – Food Photography
  • Friday – Beginning Macro photos

Reminder — Senior photos are due March 5th. Did you see this weekends weather forecast?

Have a Great Weekend!!

Matting Last Day????? – 1/30

Today’s goal is to get as many of you through the process of matting your images as possible.

If and when you are finished you will leave your frame and mats here in the classroom. The additional two images you edited will be taken home.

Tomorrow Chapter 18.

Matting/Mounting Day 2 – 1/29

Today’s goal is to have your matting complete (Some of you got this done yesterday). After matting you will focus on mounting two images to your mat boards. Very important not to mount crooked.

Hopefully by tomorrow everyone is complete with their work.

Self Portrait Assignment – EVERYONE!!

Image result for atpi self portrait

Self Portrait Assignment Due

February 15th


All images must have been taken after August 1, 2018.
Click here to see past winner’s galleries.

Image result for atpi self portrait

Image result for atpi self portrait

Image result for atpi self portrait

Image result for atpi self portrait


Matting & Mounting Begins – 1/28

Today’s goal is to have one image matted and two others dry mount on. Hopefully by Wednesday we’re all done with the process.

This week:

  • Photo displays
  • Up close (macro) food coloring.